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Selected Press

Obituary, Chicago Tribune


The Disaster Business


`I'm getting tired of being part of history’ 5 Years After 9/11: An Artist Moves On


Artist Bringing Sept. 11 Paintings to Elgin


A Survivor at Death’s Door


"Chicago, The Troubled Arts,” Chicago Scene Magazine, Mar.1967

"The ABC's of Illinois Censorship, 1965" McCoy, Ralph E., Illinois Libraries, May 1966

'Library Throws Out Art as 'Suggestive', Chicago Tribune; Dec 7, 1965 (and other related articles)

“Portraits of Johnson”, Wall Street Journal, Nov.1965

"Paintings in the Contemporary Whitney Show", New York Times, Dec 11, 1963

"Three Top Chicagoans", Chicago Daily News, Nov 11, 1962

“Twelve Chicago Artists at the Walker Museum, Minneapolis” ARTnews, August, 1965

"Saga of Art Winner: From Saloon to Salon", Chicago Tribune, June 1962

"It's Art No Matter How you look at It", Chicago Tribune, 1962 

"Abstract Works Win Top Prize", Chicago Tribune, May, 1962 

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